Thursday, November 15, 2018

Coffee Hour

Begin your Sabbath Day Worship with a time of fellowship. Share your lives with laughter among the company of friends. Come and enjoy free specialty coffee with your church family.

Play and Praise

Play and Praise is our children’s program geared for children 2-7. The children meet for Bible stories, songs and activities then continue on during worship with a snack and art project. Children are challenged to learn big ideas about God each week through hands on activities and interaction with others.

Through time together the children in our church learn about fellowship and love coming to church to see their friends. Our kids love Jesus and each other and we would love to have you join us!

oneWay Youth

oneWay Youth's vision is to excite and inspire young people to follow Christ. All our leaders have a passion to teach kids about God and we know their energy will be seen by children of all ages. This energy will inspire kids to learn more about who God is and about His word.

Camp Paul Hummel

Camp Paul Hummel overlooks the beautiful Boulder valley and most of Denver. Campers are going to have the time of their lives as they build relationships with each other and the Lord at camp.


Born with a competitive edge? Through participation in sports, both structured leagues and informal pick-up games, we have a blast developing relationships with a diverse collection of believers and non-believers. 


We partner with Pathways to support students trying to earn their high school diplomas.


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